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Career Exploration

Weimar HS Career Exploration Event will be an AMAZING opportunity to explore/question/grill/seek advice from experts in fields and careers that you are interested in! No this is not another college fair, but real people in the real world with real careers, working in real jobs will be here to share their journey to become the incredible people that they are today! You will be able to seek advice, ask questions, beg for job shadowing opportunities, inquire about internships, network for your future!!!

When you ask????   October 6th from 8:30-12:30
Where you ask???    Right here at Weimar HS
Who you ask?????   Experts in multiple disciplines from across the career spectrum
How you ask????     Complete the questionnaire link below to grab your chance to participate!
Why you ask????     Because you deserve to be empowered with the information necessary to make informed                                          decisions about your future!!!! BECAUSE it is coming AT YOU faster than you think!



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