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Practical Communication Skills Lesson Plan  CREDIT AWARENESS
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Communication PPt as pdf   Examples of Body Language Activity  
Communication Activity A Communication Research  
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 Ted Talks That Work
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Formulas for Career Success
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Job Search

Financial Aid

Cover Letters
Job Search


**Many of you have discovered that you enjoy "power, creativity, helping others, technical skills." 
**  This is your chance! Take an opportunity to “Showcase” your talent:
• Sing, Write a poem, Create a work of art, Build something 
• Demonstrate a lesson on a favorite subject 
• Create a presentation using PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.
**DATE for your decision- OCTOBER 8/OCTOBER 12
**DATE presentations begin: OCTOBER 16 
This should be fun, INTERESTING, and exciting. Make this a GOOD thing that others will want to see!


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